Tuesday, October 10, 2017


There is something about fall that gives us a renewed mind set.
We have only had a few days here in West Virginia that truly felt like fall. They are gone now, and summer weather has come back.

With fall comes new responsibility. 

If you came to our little town in WV, you would see our family cutting the dead trees down before winter comes. We use the wood for firewood. My husband teaches our boys to cut, split, and sell the wood. 

Each year selling the woods brings in extra income for our family. We want to teach them how to make a living with your hands.

It is so good for boys to learn to work. Girls too of course. But I am taking about working hard to provide for your family. I think that has to be taught in our day. The world teaches otherwise. 

We also are busy in the fall with leaves. Being that our home is in the woods, we have alot of trees and fallen leaves. Cleaning gutters and ditches out are a weekly job around the home. 

 Raking leaves is very therapeutic for me. 

There is nothing better than the smell of leaves and a rake. It just so happened that last week as the boys and I were burning some leaves, that I started getting a bit scared. I hope this fire doesn't get too big for me to handle. 

I ask my oldest son to get the bucket of water ready just in case. He takes off running.

I then begin raking to the center of the fire, and soon realize I have burnt my rake :( 

It was so hot in the middle of that leaf pile. We are now the proud owners of a half of a rake. But it will still work for us. No need in buying one right away. 

I also enjoy everyone's homes that have fall pictures on the front porch. The beautiful mums, bales of hay, pumpkins, and guards. It brings so much color to the front porch. 

What are some of your favorites about fall? 

*These pictures were found on Pinterest. They are the art work of John Sloan. If you have an extra minute or two search his name. They bring me so much joy from the quiet, orderly life they portray. 


Simply Farmhouse said...

Stacy, what a well written post. I love reading about the fall leaves and how you all are teaching the boys to work. ( great parenting) Shew, I am glad you didn't burn yourself. I love John Sloan art work, he captures everything that I love about a farmhouse life. ((HUGS))

3 Son Acres said...

Me too Teresa. I love his work. Simplicity is my favorite!

Paula said...

Hi! :)
I love fall and those pictures are wonderful. They look so cozy and precious!
Those fires can get very hot, with those piles of leafes. I'm glad that only the rake got burned.

living simplicity said...

Stacy....it is such a beautiful post you have shared with us. I live in the mountains of PA, so the leave raking brought a smile. I tend to rake them and then use them as mulch for the garden. Our winters are a bit colder than yours, so my garden needs the extra protection. I am also a mother of boys. Well, they are grown now, but I remember how they helped in the garden and in the maintenance of our home.

Thank you for sharing ... :)


3 Son Acres said...

Yes, me too! Thank you for visiting Paula!

3 Son Acres said...

That is a wonderful idea about using the leaves as a compost.

Boys are such a blessing. I never imagined I would live with a house full of boys, but I am so glad the Lord pieced my life this way. Thank you for visiting. Have a great weekend.