Friday, March 3, 2017

Waiting Chickens

Almost every evening we have guests who come to our back porch to see if it's dinner time. They sure do know their time.
They wait by the back glass doors on the porch hoping for a scrap or two.
They love when fruit have gone bad.
Ohh, and bread. They love anything made with bread. Chickens are my favorite animal to watch. My husband will say "How did the chickens get out?" and he will look my way. He knows that I have went down to collect eggs, and let them out to scratch and peck. I love watching them roam over the land. That is why we have them afterall. :)
We read to give them a small amount of Cheyenne pepper in their water when they aren't laying well. This keeps the insides of their bodies warm from the winter and they lay better. We began to do this and have gotten many many more eggs.
How are your chickens doing if you have them? Do they act like dogs waiting for scraps?

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Simply Farmhouse said...

That is so funny, that you hubby looks your way, when ask who let the chicken out. Oh yes our chicken stay on the deck and look in the windows for scrapes. I have to chase them off the front porch, they love to leave presents. Not nice presents that is ewww!