Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Daily walk

One of my favorite things about living in the country are the walks. 


It gives my mind a break. A step back away from the world. It is something we do every day.

 Some days I take multiple walks. Sometimes during the cool mornings and again after dinner. It is a time to reflect. 

I find it to be a great stress reliver to get outside and enjoy all that God has given us. Not only do children need the outdoors but us moms do also! 

God says for us to be keepers at home. 

After I tend to all of my jobs in the house, we go out for a long walk. I love to be home. 

Do you take a daily walk?

1 comment:

Simply Farmhouse said...

What a beautiful driveway you have to walk down. Yes, I love to take nature walks. We only have a five acre field with no trees. I love your land with all the trees.