Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of the school year

I can not believe we are closing another year of school. Some moments it felt like it would never reach the end, and some days I could not believe it was the end of the day so fast. 

My boys had great years.

 Karson had a great year in 1st grade. He learned to love reading even more. He ended his year by taking a test to find his reading level. He scored on a 4th grade reading level. We are so proud of his hard work! He received many awards including a PE award, having 82 AR points, finishing his word folder, library reading awards, and a movie Star award because he played the lead role in a movie that his class made. We are beyond proud. 

Kipton too had a great year in Kindergarten. He had a program where he was the stink bug and had 3 lines. He was a great performer. He also got several awards like the Math award, Reading award, an AR award, and he was Bison of the Month for Confidence. 

We are so proud of him! Here he is with his KG teacher Mrs. Bowens. 

Towards the end of the year he started reading to the higher grade students at the end of the day. He beamed! He loved it and so did they.

Both boys had Mrs. Bowens for KG. She has been amazing and I just cried and cried when we told her goodbye. She knew exactly what both of my boys needed both years. 

We made her promise us she will not retire until she has baby Kase in 5 years. 

Thankful for good Christian teachers. 

Let summer begin!!!

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