Monday, April 25, 2016

Kase is 6 months

Kase, you turned 6 months on April 21st. Wow! Time is flying by. You have been an absolute angel baby. 

You went to the doctor for your well checkup at 6 months and you were 16 pounds and 3 oz. You are still on the small side but you are a healthy boy!

You got 2 shots in your leg. You only cried for a second and momma scooped you up and you were just fine. 

You adore your big brothers. They adore you. You love mommy and daddy. 

You don't get upset about strangers. You are such a good baby. You have been at the ball field with your brothers having baseball a lot lately. You take naps in momma's arms and eat and watch. You go with the flow. 

You started sitting up 1 day before you turned 6 months. You are rolling both ways. You are eating baby food for breakfast and dinner. For breakfast you have a fruit with oatmeal. 

For dinner you have a veggie or a meat baby food. We just gave you green beans cut up and plan to do a little baby led weaning. 

You are so friendly to others. You have that attitude from your brothers. 

Your favorites are;
Getting a bath, eating, having mommy sing to you, sitting up to play, your walker, jumperoo, stroller rides. 

We love you Kase! 

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Kelley said...

Love, Love, Love the wagon pictures. He's adorable!!