Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring in the Country

For the past few weeks, the days here in WV have been wonderful. We have turned back to cooler temperatures this week. I won't  complain. It is better than most, and I am grateful we get a little bit of all four seasons. 

Kase Garrett loves being worn in the carrier. I know most wear their children facing them. I do sometimes, but I also have him facing out so he can see and learn. He doesn't make a peep! He would stay in it for hours if we were on a long walk. It is a blessing to be able to still enjoy my older boys and the outdoors at the same time. 

The baby is much like our oldest son. He grew up loving the outdoors so much that he would cry when we would take him in. He still loves it just as much at the age of 7. On the cold or rainy days, he is lost inside. But we enjoy reading and drawing to pass the time. 

Back at his favorite fishing hole. A small creek near his Nana and Papaws house.

Pushing him on the tire swing is fun! He laughs and smiles and that never gets old. I could push all day. 

He also loves visiting the waterfall creek near our house. Both of my big boys wade in the water, look for craw dads, tadpoles, and skip rocks. Old fashion boy fun is what they love the most. 

The waterfall creek is so peaceful. It could put you to sleep. 

I hope you are enjoying the Spring where ever you are. 

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