Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter 2016

VWe had our first big snow of the new year last weekend. We got a total of 13 inches here in West Virginia. 

It was gorgeous!

Now, it's gone. Last weekend was 67 degrees and that was awesome!! 

My big boys had a blast. The baby of course stayed inside by the fire. Kevin went out with the boys to play and build a snow fort. 

We have more snow coming this week. February seems to be the strong winter month for us. 

Hope you are enjoying winter! It won't be long and spring will be here!

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

We had our first snow in January. 12 to 18 inches. February has been mild for the most. I believe next week it will be colder. Then back to Mild. I am so ready for spring. What a lovely home you have.