Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowstorm Jonas 2016

Do you love being snowed in?
I kinda do! 

I think God gives us these big snows to keep us home and together.
To slow us down. 

We got about 13 inches here in West Virginia. It is beautiful in our country. 

We love where we live, but there is no leaving for us. 
We have a very steep hill to drive up to get to our home. My husband has parked his truck at the bottom of a mile long drive way just in case there was an emergency and we needed to leave.

Our big boys are having a blast! Building forts, sledding, and helping shovel. 
It is so deep to walk in the snow. I went out for a bit today with them to play and walk around the beautiful land. I love these days!!

We have had a strange week all week. We were out of school on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday we had a 2 hour delay for the very cold temperatures. Wednesday we went to school and they made us leave at 10am because more snow was coming. Thursday we had a 2 hour delay and the buses didn't run at all. There was about 50 kids in the whole school.
Do you see the pop up camper in the background of the boys? We have been saving up for a camper. We just found one 2 weeks ago :) Nothing like buying a summer vacation camper in the winter. We found a good deal, and couldn't pass it up. We hope to bring many memories to our family with this new camper. We can't wait to go!

Karson - 6 years old

Kipton -5 years old

The boys out lasted me and so I came in to get their hot cocoa ready. This was a great treat!
Happy snow days!
I think we will be snowed in for a while :)


Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

I loved all the snow photo's you have a beautiful place. We are wanting a camper as well. To have camper adventures with our kids. I don't camp in tent any more..the ground is not forgiving. Stay warm!

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

oop I meant to say "camping" adventures...sorry