Thursday, October 15, 2015

October News

Kipton enjoyed his first field trip in Kindergarten last week. They went to a pumpkin patch farm, and then the park for a picnic lunch. He had the best time. Kevin tagged along and helped with pumpkins and lunches. I think it is so important for parents to be known in public school. Most of the time it is the moms only who come to events. However, dads are just as important. My boys know their daddy is involved and wants to be included. 

Kevin always does a good job with being very involved in our boys lives. That is one thing God has called him to do. Be a leader of his home. 

Our oldest son Karson has done so well this year in 1st grade. It is a big jump from Kindergarten and he has really done well. Last week he won 2nd place in the spelling bee. Not only does this boost his confidence, but he has learned great study habits already. We are proud of him!

We have been prepping and waiting for baby brother to arrive. I was teaching at the boys school in 4th grade, but I finished up last week. I have been home now and it feels so nice. However, I have to say it's been very different to be home alone while the boys are at school and Kevin away at work. They have been my life since birth and now it feels they are gone (even though I know it's just part of the day). I miss them so much during the day and try to stay busy cleaning or running the errands. 

They are pure joy! I can't wait to have a third miracle from God! Any day now.

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