Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween in our eyes

There are many ways to look at Halloween. Should we participate in the scary and spooky? Should we not participate at all? Every family has their own convictions. 

We do Halloween just for fun. No scary, no spooky, no push to go into anything that they don't want to. 

Our boys do enjoy dressing up. However, we are going for the scary or bloody costumes. Karson wanted to be a dirt bike rider because he has gotten into riding his dirt bike this summer. He has never been one to pick a costume that portrays himself as a character and that is ok with us.

Kipton our 2nd born loves dressing into character but we always help him with his choices. This year he chose an armor man like Goliath. He wanted to protect his new baby brother. :) 

In the picture above it was Kase's first time to be held standing up by his big brother. I was right near, but it made  Karson feel so good. Kase is 6 days old here.

Kevin took the boys to a safe trick or treat night at their school on this night. They had the best time and got to spend some time with just daddy and them.

I think God is ok with our type of Halloween. We aren't celebrating for the fact that it's spooky or devil like, but just fun for the kids. 

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