Monday, July 20, 2015

Keeper of the Home

God calls us as wives, and mothers to be the keeper of the home.
  • What does that look like to you? 
  • What do you think it means?
  • Do you take on this job seriously?
I do my best to be the keeper of our home. Whether you stay at home, or work away from the home I believe us as women should be the keeper of the home. Everyone's home is filled with different atmosphere and different aspects.  
But we all have this duty within us to fulfill. 

To me it means........
Making the meals. 
Cleaning the inside of our homes.
Taking good care of our children.
Keeping a happy heart, that shines to our families.
Keeping all schedules going. (Church, appts, extra activities)
Staying organized.

Saving your family money where/when you can.
Grocery shopping.
Helping your husband.
Helping with the outside chores when needed.

Helping others, giving, and being resourceful.
After making and reading the list, WOW us women have many many tasks to do each day. We don't realize how important our jobs are when we are in a season that seems mundane. Day after day of the same sweeping of crumbs.
Or day after day of re directing your child towards good behavior. However, God sees your hard work each and everyday.
You may feel "No one notices, or pays attention to all of the details and hard work I put into my home and children."
But YES the most important person does, and that's our Lord. 
He is happy that you keep wiping bottoms. 
He is happy that you keep your pantry stocked and organized to feed your family well.
He is happy that you give your children time at the park to run and play and to socialize with others. 
We have an important role to fill! 

Don't let the enemy steal your joy!
"By wisdom a house is built,
And through understanding it is established;
Through knowledge its rooms are filled
With rare and beautiful treasures."
Proverbs 24:3
"Put your outdoor work in order 
And get your fields ready;
after that, build your house."
Proverbs 24:27
"Better to live on a corner of the roof
Than share a house with a quarrelsome wife."
Read the book of Proverbs very very slowly. 
It is Very helpful and encourages us as wives and moms.

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Simply Farmhouse said...

Stacy, I do not know how I missed this post? Excellent post! We have many jobs..we don't attend them for no one but our family and God. To me that is enough reason to get up each day and repeat what I did before. But if you think about it that is what our husband do daily at their work. What keeps them going? Knowing that is their way of caring for their family and pleasing the Lord.