Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Confidence Booster in Sports

I would say we all struggle from time to time to keep our confidence up.
Our oldest son, has always needed more reassurance compared to his younger brother. He needs that "you've got it" words of wisdom on a daily basis to feel confident in his decisions and actions.
We thought baseball may help build his confidence and self - esteem so we tried it out this year.
He began the t-ball season off kinda rocky. He was VERY unsure he would be able to be good at baseball, and going into the first practice he was scared, nervous, frightened, and more.
After it was finished he said "That wasn't so bad!"
We were hopeful that his season would go good and he would learn a lot. Not just a lot about baseball, but about being  a good teammate, and working hard towards a goal.
Here are 4 ways that I felt his confidence was boosted!
1. He gained friendships. He saw some new faces, and old faces that he recognized and that made his new surroundings much more comfortable. He learned that every single kid on his team was different.
2. He learned that even though he doesn't hit the ball every time, he WILL eventually hit the ball and it will be a special time that will give him that BOOST of confidence.
3. It's ok to loose. Part of his lack of confidence is because he doesn't like to loose. He feels like he is letting his parents, and his team down even though we are all SOOO supportive of his every move. When you begin to loose at something, then it makes your WINS even more special.
4. You reach a goal that you have worked towards. One of our son's goals was to end the season not needing a tee when batting. He reached that goal. He became very good at hitting the ball, and playing in the field. He reached his goals, of learning the sport of baseball and learning to play on a team.
He began his first organized sport in April with just small goals.
Now in July we are still playing baseball, because it was his choice to continue past t-ball. He was asked to play all-stars and he accepted it proudly to the coach. We were not going to make this decision for him, but rather be behind him in whatever he choose.
He has had a blast this spring/summer playing baseball with  bunch of fellow boys. It has been a huge blessing that I didn't even see in the beginning.
My "wear my heart on my sleeve" boy has become stronger with each passing practice and game.

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