Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer so Far

There is something about summertime.

It is sweet. And Slow. And I Love it!

We rarely have any real place to be, and we can all be together.

Roasting marshmallows, and making smores together. They can be sticky, and make you so thirsty, but they are soo good!! My boys find such joy in building fires. Finding the sticks, and balling up the newspaper, adding the wood. They love it all.

Sticky, sweaty, boy. All boy!

Baseball season is over, and our oldest son got his first trophy. The completed his first "organized" sport and was very proud of himself. Little brother was too, can you tell?

They had a baseball party with lots of fun for the kids as a celebration for finishing.

I was so excited for baseball to be over to be honest. I didn't want anymore trips to the ball field, and didn't want to sweat anymore in the heat of the day. THEN, we get a phone call they want Karson to play all-stars. Now, I know what your thinking. Well you can say NO!!!!!

But, our boy wanted to soo bad. So we have been back to the ball field for all-star practices and they sure have been different than regular t-ball. There is much more involved and lots more expected, but I think my boy loves having this as his "job" right now. He considers small tasks given to him his "jobs" just as daddy has to do at work. He takes it seriously and I am thankful he is learning a very good character trait. Working hard to get better at achieving a goal.

Little brother is hanging right in there with mom. We are back to the ball fields playing and walking as brother has practices.

We have included lots of fun and slow times for the boys. Swimming is their favorite summer hobby. Kipton has learned to go under water and swim without his swim arms. He has to wear his ear plugs now that he has tubes and that poses as a struggle from time to time but he is getting more and more used to the ear plugs and remembers just about everytime we go somewhere.

The most fun we have had is at bible school this past week. My boys learned so much and are STILL singing the songs and talking about what all they have learned. I am thrilled with what God has done for all of the children there.

Here are a few pictures of our week during bible school.I was busy teaching alongside of other women in the preschool class, but managed to sneak a few pics of my boys. 

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