Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cheap Entertainment

One thing we really love about our home and it's location is that there is a lake about 5 minutes away.
It is a fairly large lake, and many people have their boats docked there.
We have enjoyed many, many summer days there. Kevin was given a fishing boat from his parents that they fished in while he was a small boy. He has enjoyed each and every trip he has taken in that boat.
Now, he gets to enjoy it with his boys.
We took the boat out for a ride last weekend. It doesn't cost us anything to put it in the lake, and we go out for about 3-4 hours before the boys are done and want to go to the playground at the lake.
My husband and oldest son Karson (6) are REALLY into fishing. They love fishing for bass and are entering tournaments together this summer. I love watching that bond.
Kipton (4) and me are not fishing lovers, but we love to be together so we go :)
But, what we do love is eating snacks :) We love swimming in the lake, and snacking.
Our big boy who LOVES fishing.
Our little boat is definitely not fancy. We would LOVE to have a pontoon boat one day, but they are just too expensive. So we enjoy what we do have and love our time together.
We did however, get a new motor for the boat this Spring. It has had a few problems in the past, and we decided since this was such a good entertainment piece for our family it was worth the money to invest in a new motor.
It runs much faster, and there are no worries now :)
(We have broken down a few times, and yes that is actually quite fun too)
So this is a cheap way for us to have fun in the summer time.
What do you do as a family together? For cheap?
I'd love to hear!

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Looks like fun. We love going to our daughters land. And just sitting around a camp fire...roasting hot dogs and marshmallow. The guys may shot their guns or ride 4 wheels through the woods. Great way to spend a Saturday and it low cost.