Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014

Wow, where to start? I had a post typed about half way through remembering month by month the year of 2014 for our family. 

However, I realized many things while writing. There was way more good than bad. Most of it is boring to most of you, and there are some things that happened that I really don't want to be thrown around on the internet. 

It was a good year. 
It was a HARD year. 

But, in the end it was a blessed year. We all survived. We are all together. 
We came closer to Jesus. Period. That's what is most important. 

Does it matter that Karson cried almost all of his 4 year old year at preschool when being dropped off? Nope.

Does it matter that Kevin got laid off for a month, and I was worried sick? Nope.

Does it matter that "mommy should stay home" got changed this year? Nope.

But, what does matter is that our oldest son came to accept Jesus into his heart and that brought us all to realize that we needed to be baptized along with him and take the first step in obedience towards what God says. 

That's what matters. 

I am thankful. So thankful. 

Happy New Year!

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