Monday, November 17, 2014


November is turning out to be very eventful! Karson lost his first tooth on the bottom. It had been loose for a while and I was secretly wanting him to loose it at home and not at school so I could see it happen. Nope, lost it at school. :( 

The boys have started November off with a bang. Both have been very sick. I am ready for Thanksgiving Break to rest and recoop. 

The weather has went from hot to winter. We have been inside from the time we get home from school. I think we all take baths by 5:00 and then have dinner. 

We put up our Christmas tree last weekend while we were stuck inside. It was such a special time. The boys just love decorating. I am thankful for this tree. As time goes by I want less fancy and more simple. 

My boys have been silly and send me lots of pictures when daddy picks them up from school. 

Karson won 1st place in Kindergarten for his book cover. He chose a book about baseball that he loves. We are so proud of him and the year he has had so far in kindergarten. 

He is the best big brother. Coaching Kipton through breathing treatments. He is seriously the best boy. Now if we can just get Kipton through the fabulous fours :) 

We get the entire week of thanksgiving off from school. I am so thankful! 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.