Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Home days in the Winter

So today is Day #3 at home since we've had lots of snow. We have had fun even though we've been home. 

Yesterday I took the boys sledding. The best way to sled is behind the 4-wheeler. (I say it's the lazy moms way) or the smart way either one. We always did this as kids. It was my FAVORITE thing to do when it snowed. My boys love to go fast. "FASTER MOM, FASTER!" (they are screaming)

As I posted about yesterday we also did our favorite sensory activity to go along with our snow day. Using shaving cream as our snow, and playing in it!

We have also cooked good food! I probably have gained 5 pounds as well, but what else is there to do when you're stuck at home? We just recently bought 1/4 of a cow for our beef. We are experimenting with our cuts, and even though I really don't like raw meat, it's very good. 

I cooked apples for my boys with cinnamon. It's their favorite dessert, and this was all gone in about 5 minutes. We invested in some cast iron skillets, and I do believe that they are the best. Kevin has been trying to convince me for years but I wouldn't buy them. He bought me these for Christmas. 

We also made The Pioneer Woman's pizza. Homemade pizza dough and homemade marinara sauce. Karson and I were really the only ones that ate it. Kevin said there were too many onions that he could taste, and Kipton asked why didn't I go get the pizza from "Rocky Tops". (local pizza place). HA! 

Our schools have been closed all week, and are closed again tomorrow. I am READY for us to get out and do something!!! Do any of you get cabin fever? You run out of things to do, and you are tired of cleaning up messes for the 100th time? 

It's a blessing I know, but some days it's hard!

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The Rimke Chronicles said...

Oh my goodness that sledding behind a four wheeler!! What a FUN mom!!!