Friday, August 30, 2013

Hard Times

I am so thankful for hard times in a way. They are really good eye openers. I have been so down on myself for the past 3 weeks for taking a long term teaching job. I have a huge mom guilt. Then the 3rd week into school, Kipton begins a nasty virus. In true Kipton form it can't just be a virus that we can get over at home it has to be the full blown event. We ended up in the hospital last Saturday night for diharia and a high fever. He was dehydrated and needed fluids. I guess God was telling me. "Hey! Your upset about a silly job away from the boys, it could be way worse. " then he showed me how bad I really could have it. 

I wish this weekend never happened but it did. It's over now and Kipton is much better. I am thankful for great doctors and a city close to our home that provides good care. (Even though I don't like lots of residents swarming our room)

Kipton and I were able to cuddle, talk, sing, and sleep together. Even though he was sick he was so sweet and so good. 

After 24 hours of fluids we were able to leave. However, while in the hospital the doctors heard a heart murmur on him. In his 3 1/2 years of life we have never been told this. Of course I was hysterical but after lots of talks with the doctors and an additional visit with the pediatrician we have learned lots. Thankfully he has the "not serious" heart murmur. Some doctors can't even hear it at all but some can. We are following up with a cardiologist just to be 100% sure it's nothing more. 

Even with these hard times Kiptons spirits were always high. He lives for his brother. I had held it together pretty good through the hospital stay until Karson called my phone and he wanted to talk to Kipton. I couldn't hear what Karson was telling him but I could hear Kipton reply I miss you too buddy. Then said I love you too. It was so evident that they love each other and they were both so concerned about the other. I am so thankful for their close brother bond. 

Please pray that Kips heart continues to grow in the right way. 


Miranda said...

Praying for your sweet boy! I also had a benign heart murmur as a child - All the way up until I was pregnant with Tristan. I haven't had a Dr. mention it in a long time, so chances are it's taken care of itself :) Praying that it's nothing serious! I will pray that you also have peace and contentment about your teaching job - GOD HAS A PLAN .. just trust His will :)

Kelley said...

So sorry to hear that Kipton's been ill but glad he is doing well. I'll pray that his murmur is nothing serious. Kal has one too and it was confirmed nothing serious but I understand how worrisome it can be. I teared up when I read about the boys on the phone. Too sweet!