Wednesday, March 6, 2013

kipton - 2.5 years old

Kipton Lee you are a true boy at 2.5 years old.

You love everything John Deere, tractors, dirt, the outdoors, farm animals,
farming, digging, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sandbox, riding in daddy's truck, 
and riding your bike just to name a few.

You talk ALL DAY! I thought Karson talked really good at 2.5 but I think you top him just because you have listened and learned from him. You have a HUGE vocabulary and surprise me along with other people who hear you talking. 

A normal sentence "Mommy, do you remember that scuba diver at the aquarium we saw? I want to be like him someday."

I really don't feel like I did anything special to make such good talkers besides read read read to them and talk and sing to them as babies. I have been super blessed to have two good talking boys. Now if I can just keep them behaving I'll have it made (fat chance :)

Kipton is a VERY loving child. 

You love your brother! You want to be JUST like Karson. You cry most mornings when we drop off Karson because you want to stay. But, you don't miss him while he's gone. You enjoy your time with just mommy the two mornings a week that Karson stays.

You LOVE going to your class at church. You are done with crying after 2.5 years ;) 

You love books and have to sleep with one each night. You still sleep with your blankie. 
You want a WARM milk every morning and before bed. 

You have had a little cough pretty much all winter, but it's just a cough says Dr. Maddox. 

You love wearing jeans. You love fruit, but hate vegtables and wont even touch them with your finger.
You don't like to be messy. You like crafts and playdoh with mommy and Karson when we are home.

You will wear anything mommy puts on you. 

You LOVE wearing your diego costume and diego undies :)

You love to play with tools and pretend you are going to work and tell me goodbye and give me a kiss then walk away with your toolbox. So cute!!

We love you Kipton Lee! 

You are such a blessing and such an easy 2 year old :)

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