Friday, March 1, 2013

A day in the life...

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Our weeks are pretty scheduled, but I love doing these posts because I like to see back to how my days were when my boys were (3.5 and 2.5) If you new here my boys are 16 months apart. 

Karson (almost 4) has preschool on Wednesday and Friday mornings. So normally on those days Kipton and I find something to do while he's there instead of going home. It's our time to run to target, post office, bank, or the grocery store. He loves the alone time with me and Karson likes being at school with his friends there. I am going to show a normal day at home. 

7:30 - Kipton wakes up. He wants a "warm" milk and a nutrigran bar right off. He wants to watch Disney Junior. After I get him settled, I try to get myself a "little" ready instead of lounging in my pajamas. I feel like a  lazy bum if I stay in them too long. But I just wear yoga pants and a t-shirt on the days we are home. 

I drink coffee and we watch TV for a while. 

8:30/9:00 - Karson is a late sleeper and this is when he normally wakes up. I get him his chocolate milk and he wants to watch 1 show sometimes. I start getting breakfast ready. 

9:00 - 12:00 - Anything goes. We don't watch much TV after those first wake up shows on Disney Junior or PBS Kids. We either do a craft, play in the toy room, go outside and play if it's nice, have a snack, go run errands, have a playdate with friends, enjoy a mother's club event, work outside, clean house, really anything that needs done we do it during this time. 

12:00 - I start getting lunch ready. We normally have sandwiches or chicken nuggets & fries. 

1:00/1:30 - We get ready for rest time. We call it rest time now because the boys don't like it saying "nap" time. Whatever works :) We get pull ups on for rest time and read 1 story together then it's off to seperate rooms and beds. 

1:30 - 3:00/4:00 - REST TIME :) 
During this time I normally clean, rest, watch TV, blog, get on the computer, or make calls. 

4:00 - Wake up, more play time or outside time. I start prepping something for dinner. 

5:00 - Dinner!

5:30 - 7:00 Clean up the kitchen, play some more, sometimes we will make a trip over to my parents house during this time. 

7:00 - Bath time. The boys take a bath together and they play for a LONG time. Or until someone is bad and then they have to get out!!! 

7:30 - Dressed, brush teeth, and then since it's winter we normally get ready for a movie. 

We got both of the boys sleeping bags for Christmas. I didn't know but you can zip them together and make one big one. Since we have mostly all hard wood floors it's hard to lay on the floor so we spread this out with other blankets under and have a "campout" while we watch a movie. Most days I will pop popcorn for them with a special surprise in it. (per request) normally it's just gummy snacks or a little toy I've picked up. 

9:00 - We head to Kipton's room and read about 4 stories. It seems like it gets to be more and more every night. At first I said only 1 but I feel like that is taking away their love for reading so I normally end up reading way longer than I want. :) 

Say our prayers, brush teeth.

I normally go to sleep about 11:00. Boys have LOTS of energy that I am constantly trying to keep busy.

I do have my elementary education degree so about 1 day a week I sub in the local schools. I only take a job if my husband has a day off work during the week. Last week I subbed 1 day and this week I couldn't at all so it's just basically to keep my foot in the door in the county for when the boys do get into school I can apply for a full-time job and they will actually know who I am. It's kinda nice to get away every so often and teach. I enjoy it, but I enjoy being home the most!

 I would love to see into another boy moms day. Isn't it funny how we love to see into other people's life?

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