Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pajamas & Pancakes Playdate

Yesterday we got to get away from our home to visit with friends from the Mother's Club.
The boys LOVE when I say we have something to attend with the club. It has been so beneficial in our life of being a "stay at home" mom & kids. It's nice to get out and interact with other kids and have adult conversations. It has truly been a blessing that I found this club. 

Karson ate and ate and ate pancakes and breakfast type foods. 
Brandi is ALWAYS such an awesome host and remembers every detail of hosting a 
party even if it's for 20 + toddlers. 

Brandi has a daughter around Kipton's age so most of the toys there are girly. 
Kipton LOVES babies. Everytime we have a playdate at a little girl's home this is what I find.

He is a very nurturing person. He loves to love on them and feed them. I don't find anything wrong with boys  playing with babies at a young age. It gets out the curiosity. 

All of the boys loved her kitchen set and baby dolls. It was so funny!

This picture cracks me up!! Look how happy he is. So funny :)

We look forward to many more playdates with our Mother's Club friends. We have 2 birthday parties this weekend with 2 different little girls from the club. 

We are always trying to plan fun but cheap things for the club. Coming up we have an ice skating playdate, Valentine's party, mall playdate, St. Patrick's party, bouncy house playdate, and chick-fila fun. 

So thankful for such a great group & to be apart of it!

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