Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kipton - 28 months

It has been a while since I did updates on what the boys are up to at their ages. I want to share about Kipton today so that I will remember him at 28 months.
*You are a ball of energy and a total "BOY"
* You love anything outdoors and country. Chainsaws and Bulldozers/Tractors are your favorite things right now. You can stay in the bulldozer isle at Walmart for nearly an hour and never say a word. You LOVE Pappaw Brad and his bulldozers and daddy with his chainsaws cutting trees. You are a very hard worker already. You show the same signs of hard worker like Karson did at your age. You like to be helping mommy but especially daddy outside. You love the log splitter and cutting/splitting the wood. You have been helping daddy load and sell some wood here lately and come back so excited to tell me all about it.
* You love playing in the same box and swinging at our house. You also love visiting parks and exploring around. Anything outdoors is your thing!
*You just started watching TV well. Before you wouldn't sit still longer than 5 minutes. I couldn't ever find a show that really captured your attention. You now like Yo Gabba Gabba, Mikey Mouse, and Special Agent Oso. You will sit through the entire episode and it is just amazing how fast that happened. You will ask me for "A TV" when you want to watch something.
*You are currently sick with a croupy cough and this has been your first cold/sickness of this year besides just teething symptoms. You are not happy but taking it well.
*You still take your Paci. I go back and forth on this, because Karson had his taken away by his 2nd birthday and you are still happy with yours. I think the main reason I haven't pushed it is because I know you are my last baby. You are still wearing diapers in size 5. You are so ready for potty training, but honestly there has been no time. We are going to do that this coming month.
*You also have a blanket that you like to sleep with.
* You LOVE books and being read too. You do have your favorites like your tractor book and anything with farm animals. You also love the story "No, David!"
*You aren't great with eating your vegetables. Mainly you like meat and fruit. I buy those squeezy baby foods for you to just supplement the vegetables and you really like them. You do like dairy and you really love junk food but I keep it away from you mostly.
*You are at the independent stage of toddler hood. You want to get into your car seat by yourself and into the stroller by yourself. This is mainly just patience on my part to understand that he feels he can do everything "BY MYSELF" as he says.
*Of course 2 year olds are a hard age, but Kipton seems to be leaning towards the 3 year old stage. Understanding the reasoning behind things and really listening to mommy.
*Kipton you are a JOY with a gentle heart and very loving!
I love you so much!

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