Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Storms

I have not been able to blog because of a severe storm we had Friday, June 29th. It was a bad one and lots of power lines and trees were all on the ground. The boys and I were actually at my moms when the storm came and once it was over we thought everything was good. Until we drove home. There was a HUGE tree that fell onto our power lines and a live wire laying in our driveway. Nice!!!!

Here is our backyard. We did not have power for 10 DAYS!!!! Can you say HORRIBLE HORRIBLE AND MORE HORRIBLE!!! With 2 small kids and 102 degree days, this was HORRIBLE.

We stayed at my parents a lot but also stayed home. It was the longest 10 days of my life. We called and called AEP but we felt like because we were out in the country and alone that they waited until last to get to us. Finally the workers came on Monday July 9th. Then more bad news. They had an oil spill in our yard. So they will send more workers out to dig up the spill.

On top of the storm and the fact that we couldn't even get the van out of the garage for 3 days we had van trouble and our van had to get fixed and was in the shop. It felt like everything fell at once.

After the workers turned on the power I asked them if they would unhook our generator that we had been using for the past 10 days. We thankfully bought a new generator this past winter in case of a bad snow storm but we didn't have to use it. I had just told Kevin a few months ago how much of a waste that $600 was because we never used it. I was SOO thankful to have that generator. We were able to keep our fridge, freezer, fans, lights, and an AC window unit going to keep the house "kinda" cool. It would start out around 79 in the morning and then reach up to around 86 by the evening time. That is normally when we found something to do or went to my parents. It felt like an oven while trying to prepare for dinner.

We are now fixing all of the problems that the storm did. It damaged our furnace when the tree fell on the line and sent a shock back to the appliances. It also fried our dishwasher, DVD player, a TV in the boys playroom, and a VCR. I know these items are materialist but we are just thankful nothing was really hurt like people or our house.

During those 10 days Kevin was off work some of them and we found ways to keep the boys cool and happy during this time. Here are a few pictures from our long week.

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