Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hard times...Good times

There have been some hard times here latley in our life. After 25 days in the hospital my grandpa passed away in the Hospice House. He was so sick and tired with many health problems. The visitation was on Monday and the funeral was today. Thankfully Kevin was off work and could go with me today. Please say a prayer for my dad and my grandma.

Thankfully, when you have little ones around it is hard to have down time to think about the bad times. There is also a neighbor who had a massive heartattack from our old neighborhood. He was only 52 and my heart is breaking for his wife and daughters. Please pray for them.

Along with these two passings, comes Kevin's burns on his arm. They seem to be healing up better but we are super scared of infection. Please keep him in your prayers for a healthy and fast recovery.

Kipton keeping his momma laughing :) We are going through some tough times with teething and with meltdowns. I am really hoping that this is just typical for a 22 month old and it passes quickly.

Karson is really really crazy for fishing! Since it has gotten warmer he asks daily to go fishing in the little creek by our house. It actually has some pretty big fish in it so he catches a bunch. This day he got to go to a lake with Kevin and he was super excited to go in Kevin's truck.

Throughout the hard times....my children make it out to be good times. I'm sure many of you can relate, but it wasn't until I had my own children that I truly realized that our relationships are what make us who we are. Not material possessions, but invididual relationships that really count.

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