Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Let me just tell you how good it feels to be off a whole week from school!! Ahhhh...I feel like I can breathe, but then the pressure sets in. The student teaching portfolio that is due in just 3 weeks.


Guess how much I have finished? Ohhhh about 3 out of the 10 pages on very important material that you will be presenting to a board of Deans/Doctors from the College of Ed. Lovely! So even though I am home this week with my precious WILD boys, the portfolio is looming on my mind. Just 1 and 1/2 more months until graduation. YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

So on my break this week we are:

Enjoying our AWESOME front porch that I have wanted for so long!

Swinging in the baby swing even though your 3 years old....because he can :)

Enjoying this newly made sandbox by Papaw Brad. It is big enough for both boys to sit in and has a nice sturdy lid. It also has holes in the side corners to pour sand into or put an umbrella in this summer. Super awesome!

Enjoy a 4-wheeler ride in your pajamas because you live in the country and it's OK! :)

And finally get dirty, messy, sandy, and have a Popsicle mouth all because YOU CAN! :)

Let me just say that since we have moved to the country 4 months ago, life has been super easy. Of course there is more work to be done in the country rather than in a subdivision. But, it is so nice and so peaceful. I had a really hard time when we were packing/moving about how I would feel once I was actually settled into our new house in the country. Would I miss the people all around me? Would I miss the concrete streets that the boys could ride bikes/take walks? Would I miss all the small kids that Karson and Kipton had access to each day?

Surprisingly the answer has been NO to each one of those. I have not missed one single thing about our old neighborhood. Of course there are a "few" people that I miss talking to, but it's nothing compared to the peacefulness you have in the country. There is no one to impress or compete with. It is a much "simpler" life and I am so happy here!

If you don't  believe me, just ask Karson. Where else can you pee off your front porch steps and you know 100% that not one person saw you :)

HAHA! Gotta love him :)

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