Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Work

During my Spring Break, Kevin has been off for 3 days which is awesome! It seems like he works every weekend when I am home and almost all of my days off for OSE days, etc. Thankfully, we can start working on our yard and getting grass soon. (I forgot what it feels like) After construction it seems like you are surrounded by dirt, sand, rocks, and leftover materials everywhere!! I am so happy spring is here and it's time to get the ball rollin on the outside :)

We have lots of dozing work to do. Papaw Brad is the operator, which the boys LOVE!

Watching & Learning

Kipton LOVED his 1st dozer ride

Like son! Karson is destined to be a hard worker. That's all he see of his daddy. Such a good trait to have as a man.

After the work party was over and everyone had a bath, it was front porch time!

We LOVE sitting on our front & back porch. The front porch was all finished by my dad & Kevin. They did such an awesome job. It feels so good at night time.

Looking for stars :)

Enjoying our Spring Break!

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