Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

After a late Christmas Eve the boys were late sleepers on Christmas morning. Because Kevin had to work dayshift (7am-7pm) we spent the morning with Nana & Papaw at their house which is a 1 minute drive.Santa was not making his appearance until daddy got home. We were so bummed that it turned out this way, but we did what we had to do to make sure daddy got to see all the action.

Checking out the hermit crabs. Karson is in LOVE with these nasty things. Everytime we go to the pet shop he wants a crab. Nana bought him some but they are staying at her house :) A win/win for everyone.

Taking an even closer look with Papaw

Kip got a little McDonald's playset. He loves it.
All smiles for Christmas Morning :)

Karson got a huge tool set. I would say overall from all the toys he got this is his favorite and he plays with this the most. It's not just the tools like screwdriver/hammer but it's jackhammer, jig saws, etc.

The boys were happy to have Aunt Amanda in town.

Kipton looking cute in his new chair from Nana & Papaw

Nana cooked us all breakfast that morning and then a big dinner around 1:00. The boys took their naps at Nana's and I was able to just hang around with Mom and Aunt Amanda. After the boys woke up we came back to our house and waited for Daddy to get home.

When Daddy got home Papaw took me and the boys for a "drive" to look for reindeer. We did see some deer while we were out driving on our road. Nana and Daddy were getting the presents out. When we got back home "Santa" had been to our house. That was about the only way we could figure to do it so late in the day. Kevin was so happy to see the boys. Especially the bicycle that Karson had been asking for the entire Christmas season.

Daddy opening his gifts from Nana & Papaw

Super Excited!!!

Some new train sets from Santa

Kip got his own ride.
"I'm outta here!"

A Santa sucker was in Kip's stocking. Yummy!

Operation! I think Mommy was more excited about this game than Karson was.

Overall, we had a GREAT Christmas Day. It was relaxing and full of family time. Despite Kevin's work schedule it was all so wonderful. Here's to hoping that someday his schedule is "normal".

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas

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