Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Post

Hey all!! Here are a few pictures I have from the past few days. Nothing all that exciting. Just enjoying these cooler days. Summer has given us a break for a while. It's a nice 80 degrees with the wind blowing. Ahh you can finally breathe when you go outside :)

Kevin and the boys have been building a new/bigger chicken coop. Since the chickens are now fully grown they are too big for their chicken coop that Kevin first built for them. They are soon going to make their move to the new house where my parents will check on them until we move in.

With just one week until his first birthday Kipton is now standing alone and has taken 10 steps. He wants to walk mainly to keep up with Karson but knows that crawling is much faster for now.

This is after Kipton tried eating the green chalk. What is it with kids eating chalk? Karson did the same thing when he was this age!

I really can't believe the 1st birthday is next Wednesday!!

I am getting soo excited about the new house. The foundation is fully finished and on this day they were laying the floor boards down so they can start framing up this coming Monday. Everyone says it starts going really fast when the framing starts. Lets hope!

A not so good picture of me but just proof that someone is raising these beautiful boys and that I was alive during this house building. It's funny how things change. You stop being IN the pictures after you have kids. I would much rather have a picture of them than me.

The part of the house behind me is the garage. Kevin's dream room :)

It's so peaceful out where we are building. I love it there and can't wait to get back to the country.

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