Sunday, July 24, 2011

New House Update

Things are coming along on the new house! We were so antsy to see the progress. They will have all of the framing of the walls finished by the end of this coming week. We are super excited!! I could actually get a feel for each room in the house just by the flooring being down and my floor plans in hand.
My wonderful husband who makes this ALL possible :)

Front of the house. The huge dirt pile has to be pushed all around the foundation of the house.
Still have lots of bulldozing to do. My dad has done a great job!

Our football field front yard.

Here is what the boys have been up to...

Swimming/Beating the water with a bat
Nothing like playing outback in your undies :)
(Karson would NEVER wear clothes if I didn't make him)

Lots of swinging

and sand boxing...

and walking...

The boys before church this morning.
Afterwards I realized my camera lens was foggy from coming outside in the 180 degrees.

Church is exhausting!

I should also add how awesome our church is!
We had been looking for a church since we got married (4 years ago) and could never agree on the same one. We came to C3 last October and LOVE IT. It has been amazing for our family.
If you are looking for a church try it out!

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