Friday, July 29, 2011

Interview with Karson

I found this idea from another blog and thought it was neat to do with your children as they grow up. Now that Karson is 2 and he talks very well he can answer them all. It was actually kind of funny when I did this with him. I am really interested to see how his answers change over the years. What a great idea!!! At this time Karson is 2 but not 2 1/2 so I guess he's in the  middle of that. (if that even makes sense)

What is your name: Bradley Dick     
(here recently he has started to leave out his first name)

How old are you: 3                       
(no he's 2 haha)

What is your favorite color: Red

Who is your best friend: Karson

What is your favorite animal: Horsie

Where do you want to work when you grow up: At toolbox

What is your favorite movie? Chip &  Dale

What is your favorite cartoon: Chip &  Dale

What makes you happy: Chip &  Dale

Where is your favorite place: Slicky Slide

Who is your best friend: Erin

What is your favorite food to eat: Chicken nuggets

Who's your friend at church: JESUS!
(this surprised me. I thought he would say one of the boys. Very proud)

What are your favorite shoes: My Crocs

Who do you love? Jesus

Do you like West Virginia football or Marshall football: West Virginia   
(this one made me a bit sad. I guess his daddy is drilling this)

He is a daddy's boy FOR SURE!

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