Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter 2016

VWe had our first big snow of the new year last weekend. We got a total of 13 inches here in West Virginia. 

It was gorgeous!

Now, it's gone. Last weekend was 67 degrees and that was awesome!! 

My big boys had a blast. The baby of course stayed inside by the fire. Kevin went out with the boys to play and build a snow fort. 

We have more snow coming this week. February seems to be the strong winter month for us. 

Hope you are enjoying winter! It won't be long and spring will be here!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kase - 3 Months Old

Kase Garrett
I can not believe you are 3 months. How did this happen? You are perfect!

 Monthly Milestones
-Really starting to lift your head high when doing tummy time. You prefer the boppy pillow when doing this.

-You enjoy playing on your playmat and can roll from your belly to your back.

-You smile, coo, talk, and are starting to giggle.

-You have started sleeping through the night. Mostly 7/8 hour stretches, but I'll take it. The swaddle blanket has saved us all. 

-Hitting and playing with toys hanging from your playmat.

-Really knowing who everyone is and gets very excited if it's momma, daddy or the boys. 

Favorite Things

*You love to be held

*You love watching your family. We have to sit you near us when completing chores.

You love looking at this book!!

*You aren't so crazy about being worn in the carrier but you will do it.

*You like a pacifier and need it to fall asleep but then it's out!

*You like "talking" with people.

Nana and Papaw got you a swing for Christmas and you get one good swing a day. Normally when you are fussy in the evenings.

You like sitting in the high chair that Papaw and Mammaw got you for Christmas. 

You like to be rocked. And held :)
Least Favorite Things
-You don't really like the carrier but you will do it at least once a day. I want you to be used to it before Spring comes and we are outside more.
-You have gotten the first white spike of a tooth coming through now. You have been more fussy than normal over the past week. Gas and a tooth are not so fun!
-You don't love it when we have been holding you, and then sit you down and walk away. You scream! But thankfully, you have two brothers and two parents who love you and come right back :)


You are around 12 lbs 4 oz right now. You will be going to the doctor at 4 months and we will officially know. I was able to borrow a scale for home for the first two months but had to return it.



No official length until your 4 month appointment.

Clothing Size

You wear 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes. You wear a size 2 diaper now.

Sleep Patterns

You will nap during the day in the nap and play bassinet. I try to also have you take at least one nap in your crib.
During the night I give you a bath around 7 and then put you to bed around 8. We all go to bed early in this house, and you are no exception. You are ready for bed!! There is no holding you off.
You normally wake up around 3am and eat and go back to bed until around 6:30am.

Eating Patterns

You are drinking 4 ounces of milk every 3 hours.



 - You don't go out much, but you have visited a few places.
-Church every Sunday
-Grandparents Homes
-Marshall University Basketball Game. This was something the older boys really wanted to do and we got free tickets, so we packed you up and you went right along with us. I wondered if the noise would bother you, but it did not. You watched around and then fell asleep for the second half of the game. You are easy to take anywhere!
We love you Kase Garrett!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowstorm Jonas 2016

Do you love being snowed in?
I kinda do! 

I think God gives us these big snows to keep us home and together.
To slow us down. 

We got about 13 inches here in West Virginia. It is beautiful in our country. 

We love where we live, but there is no leaving for us. 
We have a very steep hill to drive up to get to our home. My husband has parked his truck at the bottom of a mile long drive way just in case there was an emergency and we needed to leave.

Our big boys are having a blast! Building forts, sledding, and helping shovel. 
It is so deep to walk in the snow. I went out for a bit today with them to play and walk around the beautiful land. I love these days!!

We have had a strange week all week. We were out of school on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday we had a 2 hour delay for the very cold temperatures. Wednesday we went to school and they made us leave at 10am because more snow was coming. Thursday we had a 2 hour delay and the buses didn't run at all. There was about 50 kids in the whole school.
Do you see the pop up camper in the background of the boys? We have been saving up for a camper. We just found one 2 weeks ago :) Nothing like buying a summer vacation camper in the winter. We found a good deal, and couldn't pass it up. We hope to bring many memories to our family with this new camper. We can't wait to go!

Karson - 6 years old

Kipton -5 years old

The boys out lasted me and so I came in to get their hot cocoa ready. This was a great treat!
Happy snow days!
I think we will be snowed in for a while :)

Saturday, January 16, 2016


There is nothing greater.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kase - 2 Months Old

On October 21st Kase turned 2 months.
He weighed 10lbs 14 ounces at his 2 month check up with his pediatrician. He was 22.5 inches long. That is 14th % in weight, and 25th % in height. He is small, but mighty.
He is a wonderful baby. He may be our best baby yet! I know it's still early, but he is truly a wonderful little boy. He is just so happy to be with his family and happy to watch us as we do our daily routines.  

He hardly cries unless he's hungry. He is a joy to be around.
Here are some things I enjoy about Kase :)
-He likes to be held.
- He takes a paci some, and sucks his fingers some.
-He loves watching his brothers.
-He likes to be in his swing, his bouncy chair, his bassinet, and playing on his play mat.
-This month he started patting at the animals that hang down from his play mat.
-He takes 4 oz each time he eats.
-He is on formula now after a very slow weight gain, and he is doing great!

-It is hard to hold him off for bathtime at night. He wants to be bathed around 7:00. This moves his bedtime so early that it causes some early wake ups, but we are still flexible with his schedule.
-He wakes up twice in the night. :(
-He loves taking a bath and has started splashing this month.
-He doesn't mind the car seat now.

- He will let you hold him to sleep, or he will let you put him down in his bed/bassinet.
He is so flexible :)

I can't wait to see how he has grown when January 21st comes and he will be 3 months old.
He is such a fun, loving, happy baby!
WE are so in love with our 3rd son. He came at just the right time. God knows just what we need.