Friday, February 20, 2015

A Peak into Our Week

This week has been crazy! (weather wise)

I do enjoy the snow. It's been beautiful to look at. However, after 6 days inside the house you have played every board game, read every book, played with every toy and you grow weary with spring ever coming. 

School was cancelled all week (Monday-Friday) 

I know two little boys who haven't even asked about school.

They have really enjoyed looking outside each morning to see what God has brought.

All in all we ended up with 12 inches here in the country, and 6 more is to come this weekend. 

We have really enjoyed the slow mornings. I think that is what I miss most about being home. A nice slow, but big breakfast. Time spent in my chair reading, and thinking about what God has done for us as a family.

We had Kevin home with us for two days this week. He is so good at making gravy. Not me. I have tried with no luck. Mine is very runny. His is just right. 

We have made lots of crafts pertaining to winter. This mom/teacher is full of ideas with boredom hits. 

We have made HUGE strides with Karson's reading. He can now read a Biscuit book (Level 1 reader) and it's so fun to watch him read. 

Last night it got down to -15. It was really fine in our house though. I am thankful for a husband who went over every single door and window while he was off to make sure no leaky air was coming through.

Both boys have had colds/sickness. I look forward to Spring so much.

I have been using my Doterra oils every day to help with sickness. I will do a post about them soon.

I really recommend you doing some research on them. I am not one to push things on others or sell things, but I really believe this is something every mother should invest in. 

Hope your staying warm!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Days

The snow has come! More like a snow storm has come!

We now have about 7 inches of snow here in West Virginia. 

It is still coming down, and has not stopped since 1am last night. They suspect now that we will have around 11 or 12 inches. I'm not sure that I have saw this much snow in my adult hood here in our area of WV.

After a big breakfast, we ventured out. The boys LOVED it, and so did I. 

Brothers are so fun. 

I walked out to our barn this morning to see if the chickens would want to come out. 


They wouldn't even step out and see what that white stuff was.

Hope your staying warm!

A Snow Storm is Coming

A big winter storm is coming our way. We have had a few little dustings here in West Virginia this winter, but nothing like this.

A total expecting 8-12 inches is expected today into tonight. It has been a long time since it has snowed this much. 

We are ready! We are stocked on water, food, and gas for the generator. 

Later in the week it is going to be -5. 

The good part is that teachers and students do not have to go to school if it snows much or the temperature is below 10 degrees. I suspect we will be off all week. My husband however, must go no matter what. I pray he makes it back safely this evening. He works out on the cold Ohio River driving a boat. That river is freezing!

It is all beautiful, but a little scary when you have loved ones out in it. 

I pray for fun family time during these days, but for safety for my family. Please protect and watch over my husband, and parents dear Lord as they go to work. 

Are you getting snow where you live? 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The W word!


It can bring you down, so low. 

I am a BIG worrier. I worry about my boys, my family, money, bills, health, and pretty much everything else in life.  

But what I do on a daily basis is a sin. I know this. Yet, some days I can't let my mind rest. 

In the grand scheme of things I am blessed way more than I deserve. I have two healthy children, a loving husband, a warm home filled with food and clothes. I have everything I need and more. So why worry? I don't know that. 

I have weeks where it is heavier than others. To be honest, this is one of the reasons I chose to go back to teaching full time. I have loved my time at home with my boys the past five years. I wouldn't trade it for anything and I know God gave me that chance. However, I had noticed as they were getting older and playing independently more it gave me more time to sit and rest. That was a good thing, but it also brought on the worry.

I need to keep busy. All day staying busy, or I begin to worry. 

Working has been so helpful. I am busy teaching little 5 and 6 year old hearts how to read and how to count. Its just a perfect place for me. God knew what I needed. A job to keep me busy but very close to my own boys. 

I do not take this job for granted anymore. 

I know it was Gods way of reminding me that I should not worry, but cast these worries on him. 

He gave me an outlet. A place to use my talents towards others in our community. To be a blessing. To mend hearts. To teach hearts. To love. To give care to others who don't get it at home. 

I need to remember all God has done for me. I prayed for my mind to be freed from worry. 

He didn't erase these worries, but gave me a place to stay busy and be a blessing all in one. 

Thank you God!