Wednesday, October 22, 2014

God Knows

Have you ever wondered why different situations come your way? I have had MANY different life experiences here latley, where I have wondered WHY?

 After a couple of days, I feel better and feel like I have an answer as to why it happened.

God Knows, every situation your going through. The small ones, the big ones, and the ones in between. I have learned lots of "lessons" here lately.

Lessons that will last forever.

I am thankful that God knows.

I am praying that God uses me in ways I never thought he would.

I am praying for a happy 2014 and an even better 2015. 

So, I am praying for happiness.

In everything, God knows!
Image Map

Life in pictures

My people. I love them so much!

I am so thankful for nothing other than time. Time is short, and I want my time to be filled with memories of them. 

Playing games with mom. 

PJ day at School

Favorite Sports team at school. WVU

Golfing practice.

Eating breakfast at Bobs.

Ready for school. 

Thankful and blessed for these two. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Farm Fun

Last weekend was a great family weekend. We were able to go to a pumpkin patch nearby. Kevin was off this weekend, and we just had the best time. I'm still thinking about how fun it was. 

We took a fall wagon ride.

Saw lots of pumpkins, fall scenes, and yummy food.

They had soo much for little ones. Sliding into corn, mazes, hay bale mazes, and slides. 

It was also perfect fall weather. 

We also completed a 10 acre corn maze. The boys finished like champs. I was even tired, and they were running through.

I am so thankful for fall, and mostly for family. We've had some hard weeks since school has started. Tired boys, tired mommy, and then sickness keeps hitting. But, I know its just a season and all will be well again. We must push through with Gods help. 

I hope you and your family are together and enjoying the slow fall days.