Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome College Football

It's no secret if you're on any type of social media you know it's the first Saturday of College Football. 

I am an alumni from Marshall University, but my husband is a HUGE West Virginia fan. He is crazy over them. So today both teams were playing. He has always asked me to buy a WVU shirt but I just can't make myself. My boys won't hardly wear their Marshall jerseys because they want to wear "daddy's team". I have a gold shirt I've got from Target and that is my WVU gear when Kevin asks :) 

We celebrated a WVU win with Panera Bread. We've come a long way. Kevin is actually trying new places to eat! He is very picky. 

After we ate we had some shopping to do for the boys, and we were in a sports store. The boys fell in love with these weights. It was hilarious. Karson said "give me a spot here Kip!"

While the boys and I were looking around, Kevin snuck around and bought me his shirt. He waited until we got home to give it to me. I was being silly and said it make me sick to wear it. lol Our ongoing rival is fun :)

Hope your team wins this weekend. Marshall and WVU both won :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Just a few pictures....

Karson loves helping Kipton in and out of his seat at the table. 

Karson thought of this craft all himself. He said it was barges and the balls were the coal he was hauling. He is sure his daddy!!

He has fished everyday. 

The boys have entertained themselves pretty good this weekend while we caught up on the outside of our house. 

Hope you've had a good weekend!!!!

Hard Times

I am so thankful for hard times in a way. They are really good eye openers. I have been so down on myself for the past 3 weeks for taking a long term teaching job. I have a huge mom guilt. Then the 3rd week into school, Kipton begins a nasty virus. In true Kipton form it can't just be a virus that we can get over at home it has to be the full blown event. We ended up in the hospital last Saturday night for diharia and a high fever. He was dehydrated and needed fluids. I guess God was telling me. "Hey! Your upset about a silly job away from the boys, it could be way worse. " then he showed me how bad I really could have it. 

I wish this weekend never happened but it did. It's over now and Kipton is much better. I am thankful for great doctors and a city close to our home that provides good care. (Even though I don't like lots of residents swarming our room)

Kipton and I were able to cuddle, talk, sing, and sleep together. Even though he was sick he was so sweet and so good. 

After 24 hours of fluids we were able to leave. However, while in the hospital the doctors heard a heart murmur on him. In his 3 1/2 years of life we have never been told this. Of course I was hysterical but after lots of talks with the doctors and an additional visit with the pediatrician we have learned lots. Thankfully he has the "not serious" heart murmur. Some doctors can't even hear it at all but some can. We are following up with a cardiologist just to be 100% sure it's nothing more. 

Even with these hard times Kiptons spirits were always high. He lives for his brother. I had held it together pretty good through the hospital stay until Karson called my phone and he wanted to talk to Kipton. I couldn't hear what Karson was telling him but I could hear Kipton reply I miss you too buddy. Then said I love you too. It was so evident that they love each other and they were both so concerned about the other. I am so thankful for their close brother bond. 

Please pray that Kips heart continues to grow in the right way. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being a boy mom means....

It's always loud in your house....

There is normally rowdy play....

You hear them, before you see them...

There if normally a mess with whatever they are playing....

There is a lot of reminding and having patience.....

But overall they are so easy. They don't care about what clothes they wear or how their hair. They just care about having fun!!! I love life without pink :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty

Kevin downloaded an app from A & E's Duck Dynasty. He does stuff like this when he's on night shift and they don't have much going on at work. So he decided to give us all beards :) 

Enjoy Wednesday Duck night!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


This past week was my first full week teaching this school year. It's actually my first time EVER taking a job other than just subbing for a day. My boys have never really been away from me in the past 4 years. When I was pregnant with Karson I stopped working at a bank that I had worked at all through college. I quit working in January and he was born in March. Since then I have not worked. 4 years at home. All summer I have prayed, thought, cried, and prayed some more about whether or not to bid on teaching jobs. I did, and heard nothing all summer. So I thought God didn't want that for me. Then 4 days before school starts in our county I got a call to teach 2nd grade until Christmas break at least. After that, I will be available to other schools to fill in for long term leaves. So, I've had a whole new adjustment to life. But it's actually been just fine. I think??? :) The boys have totally surprised me and not cried or looked back once. I won't lie, I miss them so bad sometimes I feel sick. I've just need to find a balance between working and keeping up with things at home and I'm sure I will with time. 

I get home at 3:45. My school is 45 minutes away from my house or I would be home sooner. I am thankful for the evenings. I do nothing but spend time with them. I appreciate them more and how good they really are. A lot of the time when you are home a lot you start to second guess everything. I also love the adult friendships I've already made. Lunch time is so fun!! 

Here are a few pictures from this past week. Any of you working moms please share any tips you have for surviving the week and how to get caught up on the weekends. It's Sunday at 3:00 and I just now feel "caught" up.